Tuesday, April 17

Maggie Green - It Ain't Rocket Science. It's Boob Science.

SCORE held a contest for DVD ideas for a feature film. We advertised the contest in our mail-order DVD catalogs. The third-place winner was a reader in Missouri who suggested we make a busty parody of the movie Weird Science. This was a 1980s John Hughes movie about two nerds who create their own superwoman through a combination of science and black magic. It was redone as a porn feature a few times but not with a big-boob angle. We liked the idea but had to decide who to cast in the lead role that Kelly LeBrock excelled in. A few names came to mind. We needed an attractive girl with huge tits who would do anything sexual and could memorize lines and act. Our list was whittled down to SCORE covergirl (and Hall of Famer) Daphne Rosen, who has all of those qualifications. A Voluptuous editor and I were assigned to write the script.

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